Payment Options


Our unique value: In-Office financing

This option is the most popular way to finance your orthodontic treatment, and it gives you tremendous value, affordability, and flexibility. Our goal is to make orthodontic care fit with your family budget by doing away with the customary down-payment requirement, by allowing you to finance the treatment fee interest-free, and by individualizing your payment plan to make the most of your insurance and flex plan benefits.

After subtracting your insurance benefit from the total fee, we simply divide the amount you are responsible for into equal, interest free, monthly payments. Our in-office financing offers the following benefits:

• No down payment required
• Interest free
• Automatic monthly payments (Visa / Mastercard / Discover / Checking Account)
• Secure internet access to your account information through Orthobanc (
• We gladly work with “flex plans” or “cafeteria plans” to ensure the maximum benefit

If you have particular questions about our in-office financing, please contact us.

Prepayment of the full fee

We offer a 10% reduction of the total fee for those families wishing to pay the entire fee upfront. Depending on your family’s budget, this option could be an excellent way to reduce the total fee by a few hundred dollars