In a Hurry???

Isn’t waiting at doctor offices so irritating!  We all hate absolutely hate it!  We know how it feels to have a 2:00 appointment, show up at 1:50 (to be sure I am a few minutes early), and then sit … and sit … and sit.  And wait … and wait … and wait.  Sometimes you may not get seen until 2:30 … or 3:00!  It’s maddening!  Doesn’t this doctor know that you have a life and a schedule to keep!

Well, we can guarantee you that we have structured our schedule so that we can get you in and out and on with your day in an efficient and timely manner.  Our pledge to you is this — if you are on time for your appointment, we will see you on time, and you won’t be left waiting.  We often get feedback from parents that they can’t believe how quickly we see them and how they love never having to wait past their appointment time.  They are able to schedule other things in their day because they don’t have to build in a huge margin of time in case they have to wait at the orthodontist’s office, because we respect your time enough to run on time, all the time!

However, if you are late, all bets are off!!!! Because chances are, if you walk in 15 minutes late, someone else will be walking in at the same time (since our appointments are in 15 minute intervals).  And guess who gets the priority?  You guessed it!  The person who made the effort to be on time!

So if you are in a hurry, if you have a tight schedule, and if you hate to wait, we think you’ll really appreciate the way we run our schedule here at Wyatt & Flint Orthodontics.

Respect our time, and we will respect yours!