After the braces have been removed, you will be in a very important phase of treatment called “retention”. The retainers serve to hold your teeth in the new positions they have been moved to.

During this time, the teeth will settle into a stable and functional bite and your bones and muscles will adapt to the new dental arrangement. It is CRITICAL to wear your retainers as directed to avoid “relapse”.


Relapse is the tendency for the teeth to migrate back to where they started from. Please do not gamble with the investment you’ve made in your teeth by neglecting your retainers. Your treatment fee includes the first set of retainers and one year of retainer check visits.

** Note ** If either retainer is lost or broken, please contact us as soon as possible so that a replacement can be made. Understand that your first set of retainers is included with the treatment fee, but there will be an additional charge for replacement of lost or broken retainers.

There are 3 different types of retainers to choose from:  Regular (like the top image), Clear (like the middle image), and Permanent (like the bottom image).  The clear retainers are the most popular.  Permanent retainers are nice for those who worry that they might lose their removable retainer or get lazy about wearing it.  The drawback to the permanent retainer is that it is harder to clean around.